Overworked And Underpaid?

Take back your practice in 30 minutes a week

Let me show you how
It's easier than you think!

Overworked And Underpaid?

Take back your practice in 30 minutes a week
Let me show you how
It's easier than you think!

Hi I'm Kym

I used to have billers do all of my billing and they took 9% of every claim they filed for me. THEN, I realized they were not collecting the money I was owed from my clients. After some investigation, I was staring at a 10-year-old, $12,000 back-balance report! That was the final straw! I had to learn how to bill insurance on my own.

I spent a lot of time figuring out insurance — first for my brick-and-mortar office and now for my online therapy practice. Through trial and error, I learned everything you need to know to implement insurance billing, either for telehealth or in-person therapy. Thanks to taking insurance I now work 100% online. Doing my own billing gives me the flexibility to travel wherever and whenever I want, and still see my clients.

Now I bill 15-20 client hours per week —
all insurance clients!

I built these courses to save you the time and hassle of doing all the research and leg work on your own. This is a start to finish course that helps you seamlessly integrate insurance billing into your private practice. Get all the tools you need to succeed in one place and get up and running faster. This course walks you through from the first steps of credentialing, all the way to becoming a billing master!

If you are even thinking about taking insurance, I encourage you to take this course. For a small investment, you will find that there is a whole untapped market just waiting for you to let them in! And if your goal is to go fully online, just know it is more than possible, it is totally doable!

Grow a Thriving Private Therapy
Practice from Anywhere!

By The End of this Challenge, You Will Know If Insurance Is Right For Your Practice. Get started today!
Step One
Build a thriving telehealth or brick-and-mortar practice by learning how to bill insurance companies for counseling.
Step Two
Join our membership community to bill insurance without the hassle and frustration of doing it alone.
Step Three
I show you the business owner and entrepreneur, how to grow your business while you travel the world!
Step Four
We all know that when we don't accept insurance our clients come less frequently, maybe once or twice a month instead of weekly. When insurance becomes an option you will quickly see the payoff in your investment. Billing insurance for therapy allows you to serve more clients and gives you a steady stream of income you can depend on.

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Where Should I Begin?
Not sure where to begin with taking insurance?

Is It Right For You?
Are you trying to decide if insurance is right for your private practice
Are You Ready?
Are you ready to start billing insurance in your private practice?
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"By not taking insurance you are leaving 
money on the table every month"

Bill On Your Own

Are you relying on billers or a group practice to do the billing for you? How much money is that costing you? Have you sat down and looked at the numbers? Billing on your own saves you tens of thousands of dollars a year on hiring private billers.
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