Hello! I'm so glad you're here. I believe strongly in taking insurance in private practice. I take insurance, mainly, because I want to be able to help people who can not afford private pay rates and need good quality therapy. Also, I really dislike marketing =).

I use to have billers do all of my billing and they took 9% of every claim they filed for me. THEN, I realized they were not collecting the money I was owed from my clients. After some investigation, I was staring at a ten-year old, $12,000 back balance report! That was it!! I had to learn how to bill insurance on my own.

In this process, I took my practice all online. Now, I am fully online, traveling the world, and STILL seeing all of my clients. I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out insurance for my brick-and-mortar office and now for my all-online therapy practice. Through trial and error, I’ve successfully implemented insurance billing into my online private practice. I am 100% online & working from home or wherever I've travelled to that month. (See Picture Above: working from the Dominican Republic) I still bill 30-40 client hours per week; all insurance clients!

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I’m here to guide you…

• Not sure where to begin with taking insurance?

• Are you trying to decide if insurance is right for your private practice?

• Are you ready to start billing insurance in your private practice?

• Are you already billing insurance and need support and guidance from the experts?

I’m here go guide you! Check out the resources button below or contact me and I’ll help you take the next step.


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