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I am a therapist in private practice. Once I discovered I was missing $12,000 in insurance payments, and that my billers were not collecting correctly for all my hard work,  I decided to start doing my own insurance billing. Shortly after that, I decided to take my practice all online. I had quite a steep learning curve do my own billing and then learn about telehealth billing.

Throughout this process, I have developed a course to help other therapists quickly become billers in their own online private practices. The course is quite unique because it teaches private practice billing AND telehealth billing. There is a lot to it, but this course is the step by step guide to get you there.

"I’ve taken quite a few courses; but I have to say “WOW”! Highly recommend Kym’s Tolson’s Insurance Billing course for anyone who wants to learn insurance billing for their private practice. This course makes it SO easy! It’s a step by step course, from start to finish, for billing insurance in private practice with a special emphasis on telehealth insurance billing. It answers all of the questions you could possibly ever have about billing. I would have saved myself tons of time and money if I had taken this course before hiring out for insurance billing. Kym is unbelievably friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable. She is the go-to person if you want to have a practice full of very impressed clients because you accept their insurance AND provide telehealth! It's a win all around for everyone. You are awesome Kym!" Moni White, LMHC


"I just completed Kym Tolson's entire course and holy cow is that sucker filled with tons of fabulous information!! I am so glad that she put this together in one, easy to use, format for those of us that are telemental health providers. This course provides knowledge about the insurance practices for telemental health that legitimizes our practice with a whole new level of professionalism. Thanks so much for creating this for us!! Dr. Jamie Miller Howard, LMFT, LCAS, CCM"




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