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Kym Tolson is a therapist turned digital nomad, who has ventured beyond conventional boundaries to create a life that seamlessly blends her love for travel with her dedication to transforming the world of therapy.

Through her inspiring experiences and adventures living in Airbnb’s across the globe.

Kym first discovered her calling in empowering insurance-based therapists. She established “Bill Like A Boss,” a thriving community where therapists learn and elevate their practices, propelling them towards greater success.

But her impact doesn’t stop there. Kym’s forward-thinking approach led her to curate “The Traveling Therapist Membership,” a supportive community designed to help therapists embrace work and travel harmoniously, breaking away from the confines of traditional private practice.

As an innovator in her field, Kym has embraced the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and seamlessly integrated it into her business. This revolutionary approach has transformed the way she works with clients and has inspired the creation of the “Clinical AI Club.” Through this platform, therapists explore the possibilities of AI in enhancing therapeutic practices, fostering a space for growth and adaptation in the digital era.

Collectively, these platforms have enabled her to cultivate an engaged, multi-platform audience exceeding 80,000 therapists. This includes subscribers across Facebook groups, YouTube, a highly-regarded podcast, and Instagram.

Given this expansive reach and the diverse offerings of her platforms, potential partners have a unique opportunity to tap into a large, committed community.
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 73,000 Total Subscribers

5,200 subscribers


11,000 subscribers

Insurance Billing For Telehealth Facebook Group

11,500 subscribers

The Traveling Therapist Facebook Group

12,000 Subscribers

Email Subscribers

1400 page visits per - 30 days

The Traveling Therapist

41,000 Unique Subscribers

The Traveling Therapist Podcast
Unique Subscribers

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Assistants that can help without the cost of a full-time employee. HR companies, billing, and credentialing companies. 
Do You Have A Therapist Facing Product?
Therapists in private practice need a variety of products to help their business run smoothly. 
Do You Have Products Therapists Would Want to Share With Their Clients?
Share your products related to clinical skills. Therapists need resources to give their clients. 
Software Services
Do you have software that can benefit the therapist community? An EHR? Share it with us. 
CPAs, Bookkeeping, and payroll services are all things that therapists need. 
Social Media Management.
Can you support therapist in their social media marketing? 
Helping therapists get their billing and coding right so they can maximize profits. 

"Being a vetted Trusted Partner has been a huge opportunity for Verhulp Business Solutions. We have received more QUALITY leads than ever before. It has been an amazing experience to be a part of this network and we look forward to the continued partnership."

- Christine Verhulp
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